Saturday, September 27, 2008

Have you heard of Beast Skills? If not your totally missing out! Take a trip over to my friend Jim's site.

Jim is seriously talented, that's plane to see. What makes him more impressive in my eyes is that he's so humble and very encouraging to be around. Jim's able to do some very impressive things, yet he can get just as excited for someone else that has just learned how to do a wall handstand!

In the few times that I've gotten to hang out and play around with body weight movements with Jim it's apparent that he's also willing to learn and listen to new ideas.

On November 9th Jim will do a one day seminar at Potomac Crossfit. We are really excited to have him be our guest! It should be loads of fun. You can register for this session at

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Gabe said...

Jen -

When are you posting all the pics from last Wednesday when you so effectively harrassed me throughout the WOD and FGB on Saturday?

- Gabe