Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just getting outside and moving! No task other then to enjoy the sun and open roads. That was the plan. To smile at local cyclist and runners and see the damage from the floods.

It was nice and chill, no heart rate worries or tabata sprints. Just roll!

Do you drive the people in your life nuts with your constant pushing of your limits and theirs? I do! I drive myself nuts sometimes.

Enjoy your fitness it will make the world a happier place!


Price said...

We did "Tom" today. Not sure the of the entire workout, I'm still trying to recover. But I think we did:
5 Sets for Time of:

5 - DB Deadlifts
10- RRow Pushups
5 - DB Cleans
10 - Tuck Jumps
5 - DB Jerks
10 Pushups
15 Squats

I think my time was 18:20, but it is all a little fuzzy.


Jen said...

As much as I love having you stop by my blog. I ment for you to post todays WOD at