Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Precordial thump! What? Who the fuck does that anymore? Well apparently me.

A patient passed out during a Chest Xray, I just happened to be slacking at work and hanging with my Xray buddies.

We heard the yell for help from two X-ray students. (Now most of you don't know me. I move fast..ER fast. I know our hospital very well and I'm a responder within it. I'm known to beat most everyone to the scene. Five or six flights of stairs whatever, I will be there! And I know where everything is in the hospital equipment wise.)

Next I was standing over this forty something man. He had snoring respiration's and was very diaphoretic(sweaty)

Someone said he was there for Ventricular fibrillation known as V-fib. POP! I hit him mid chest. hard! It shocked even me. As fast as I hit him he was back, then the doctor showed up and looked at me like Holy shit Jen! Yeah, I know!
Once he was back in the ER and on our monitors we realized that he had also converted back to a normal rhythm. Sweet!

Did I save his life, no I don't think so. Well maybe....truth is we don't know.

What the hell does this have to do with Crossfit? Am I being an ego crazed Leo? Maybe.....just a little! Ha!

I've been around these kind of things for so long they've become second nature. It's like muscle memory.

As I was watching some of our Potomac Crossfit Athletes learn new movements it became clear.
Work on your movements basic and complex.

Not with huge loads all the time. Step back and go lite. Repeat and Repeat.

Watch others and make sure to know and understand your flaws. I promise in time, maybe a long time it will all come together and one day you'll just move through a movement and it will feel like second nature.


Adrienne said...

my hero and a life saver!

keturah said...

Holy Shit! Hell yea you are a life saver.