Sunday, August 03, 2008

20080802 First Wod from Potomac Crossfit on Vimeo.
Yes, I missed the first WOD at the new Fort. I was falling asleep on my feet and needed get my ass home. Soon enough my friends you will see my kicking it at PCF or Arlington.
Friday went like this. Off to work at 4:30am then took off early at 1pm to head over to Potomac Crossfit in Arlington. Unloaded a truck full of toys! Lots of beautiful Kettlebells!
Stayed in Arlington over night and really did not sleep because I was dreaming of things to come at PFC.
Up at 7am at the Fort by 8:30 and unpacked boxes of KB's and bumper plates. Then we went and got a shit load of equipment from Dan's apartment, brought it back unloaded it.
Then we spent a long while painting metal plates that had rust on them. Seriously I was beat!
My WOD today was:

Warm up five rounds
5 ring Push-ups
10 KB swings @ 16k
10 Med-ball cleans @20lbs
8 minutes

Back squats
3X bar

Kettlebell skills
Snatches two different stlyes
12k on left 16k right 10 reps each side
Snatches continued on right
and High pulls on left

Double cleans 10 reps 12k left 16k right
Again with 10 reps 16k left 45lb right

Ended on max ring push-ups 9


Somebody said...

10 Med-ball cleans @20lbs
8 "minuets"

Really? You did 18th-century French dancing after the Med-ball cleans?

Wow, CrossFit really can be anything! Thanks for leading the way, Jen!

(No slack, you get NO slack!)

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Don't think I don't know who you are!
What, you've never done minuets during a workout? Come on get with it!

Somebody said...

Well, we're a bit more modern up north: perhaps some salsa during the Icky Shuffle on the agility ladder, but we stopped minueting a long time ago.

Minuets are seriously old-school. Major props to you on that.

F2 said...

Jen - perhaps this is one of the only times (if not THE only time) I can say this and get away with it....but, I think you've got yourself a NICE BOX!

Ray said...

Saw you on the affiliates page. Jen Conlin out there, for the whole world to see. Awesome work!

Adrienne said...

Fred, do you really think that you couldn't tell Jenn she had a nice box everyday? I think of any lady I know, Jenn would be the most receptive to that sort of statement.

Great box Jenn! I'll tell you tomorrow too.