Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today we had the first Foundations classes at Potomac Crossfit.It was WAY exciting for me to get this thing started! I could hardly sleep last night thinking about going in to PCF and coaching!
Our WOD at 6am and 7am was a 10 min "Cindy".
Cindy is
5 pull-ups
15 squats
10 push-ups.

This workout provides a chance to work on three really important skills that we use so much in Crossfit.
The squat in my opinion is the corner stone of not just Crossfit but fitness!
As for my personal WOD it went like this.
50 Box jumps
50 squats
With a 20lb weight vest: 4:30

Now I'm going to hit another short blaster!
50 lunges with a 16k KB at chest like a goblet
50 KB American swings 16k

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F2 said...

Jen - we've got a new site/url if you wouldn't mind updating our link on your blog


Thanks and see you Sat (I've been training for the last year to improve my showing....flexibility/mobility/throwing strength....I'm READY!!!)