Sunday, August 10, 2008

Personal Punishment.
Some days I just can't decide what WOD to do. There are so many options with Crossfit. I can do the WOD of the day or something I make up. On days when I find that I'm spending more time thinking about what to do and not just getting to it I have a cut off.
OK, Conlin now your going to pay!
Five rounds of 15 of each no rest.
KB swings with a 45lb KB
Cleans Left(12k) and Right(16k)
Snatches same as above. 6:30
At the end my lungs are burning and my soul is on next time don't waste time. Just get to it!
How do you manage your time?
I give myself time limits, on the computer or for getting things done around the house. Otherwise I flounder around and waste time. I also find that I rest better when I get shit done.
Rest is so important. Time when your quiet and or sleeping/napping.
I've been having sleep issues for the first time in a long time. My head spinning with ideas and work. It's a time where I have to play games with myself to find the off switch and block out all that engulfs me.
Things I do:
Breath and stretch before napping
Drink less really I try!
Play with my dog.
Vent more to friends and partner about my work. It's a need that I at times forget to take care of.
My work is not something most people want to hear about. I've made a concerted effort to talk more to my colleges or to talk to friends about things even if they can't relate. Otherwise I stay up at night thinking about the tragedy I see and feel. I know that sounds dramatic, but some days it is. Day's were you feel the weight of someone else life on your soul.
You do what you can as a team in the ER, but you always walk away as an individual. I chose my path so I knew that it was going to be hard going at times. Days where your a stranger in a very personal and final moment of peoples life.


Ray said...

I kinda understand where your coming from. I spend a lot of time thinking about the weight of things to come.

I find writing helps. Seeing my problems and worries poured out over paper reminds me of their proper place. They appear written down and therefore behind me. At the same time my history is now recorded in feigned permanence. Somehow things become more sterile when filtered through the lens of my own contemporary history.

Or you could just eat a whole tub of Hagen Das. That helps too.

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Writing does help. It's a lost art! One I never had but whatever. I look at my book shelves and see I've journaled most of my life and then stopped in my early 30's.
Good thoughts Ray!
Hey are you in town? If so ya gotta come to the Aug 23 party, dodge-ball! Whoot! Drop me a line.

Ray said...

ooooh dodgeball, I may HAVE to visit for that. I'll sta in touch!