Saturday, August 30, 2008

This past week I attended my Level two cert. I did not pass it, which is a tough blow for me to deal with.
Why I did not pass it is not because I lack so much understanding of each of the 9 movements. It's because I lacked the confidence to not be over come by my insecurities. It's a simulated environment much like being on stage. Which I've never do well with. I was not in charge of my emotions at all. I'll also admit to feeling uncomfortable using the exact cues that the CF staff wants you to use. Although I completely see the importance of them being strict about there use.
It's was not the above reasons that caused me to fail. It was because I let them blind my eyes to peoples faults that I should have and in my everyday coaching at Potomac or CFDC I would see.

The end result? I can't explain how much I learned. Really it would be hard to narrow down the amazing amount of learning I received.

I'm wiser for just being there.

I'm more than happy that Crossfit HQ has such high standards.

I will not Relent! EVER!


CFDC Maiko said...

Even though you didn't pass the Lvl II cert, I really noticed a big difference in the way you were coaching the Elements Class today. You were doing a great job before but I'm sure this experience was like a growth spurt for you as a trainer! Yeah I know you didn't pass, but really, congrats on completing the Cert and having such an honest, positive outlook the experience!!!

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Thank Maiko, your very kind and I need that little hug!