Monday, June 02, 2008

Sumo Dead-lift from Hell.

Top three winning ladies. In the white tank top on the right side we have Kristy from CFDC and Primal.

Please take a trip over to to see more pictures and results!

I'm back from Upstate! What a trip! Let's get to the important stuff. My CFT Crossfit Total is a PR overall!

Back Squat 180#

Press 85#! WHooot! Big improvement and testament to making a come back from an injury by being smart and taking it slow and doing Crossfit!

Deadlift 255# I rounded out a bit but overall not bad. This is 10lbs over my before injury PR.

520 is the total.
I had third place in my weight class! Yup that's a medal!
I did not do the run or the Hopper. It bothered me but I want to get and stay fit not injured.
I have a load of photos that I will get up soon, also some stories.
The people at the event were great! I even had two beer angels who kept me well supplied! Thank you!

Kristy in the above photo of Crosfit Alex, VA. She was awesome! We had some great laughs together.

I think the young man in the photo above is Dave of CF Brooklyn, NY. What a beast! He worked so hard during this WOD I wanted to cry!

Tanya was the overall winning lady. What an awesome athlete!


Lanceman said...

Great job on the PR's!! Those are very impressive numbers, you should be very happy with those!

I've tried Crossfit off and on, reminds I should give it a go again. I'll consider this my kick in the pants - and thank you.

Jerry Hill said...

Hey Jen,
What a freakin' total post-surgery!

Your smart decision, hard rehab, and smart workouts that followed is a poster prescription to many an injured CrossFitter.

I am So stoked for should be jumping through your skin in excitement, I am...a 85lb strict press after all you have been through this past year?

255lb Deadlift?

Can we now see 300lb DL in the future?!

Awesome, awesome, awesome...

Way to be Jen!


Adrienne said...

YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Great PR sister. I'm so proud of you. All of that frustration and patience has paid off. Keep getting stronger in every way!

Mike said...

You're awesome, Jen! What a frustrating year you've had, but you've totally pulled through it.

You're the first person I met at CFDC. Now I'm Oly lifting with Fred and signed up for the July 12 level 1 cert. See what you started?

Jen's Gym Of Potomac Crossfit said...

Thanks! I'm really happy with my CFT mostly my press.
I had great support from all of you and will continue to need it!

Mike, your going to a cert! Very cool!

Jerry, 300 hundred huh? Hummm, right now it seems possible!

Katie said...

Jen! Holy total Batman! Awesome work! Way to go!

CFDC Maiko said...

That second picture...that is one FINE backside...

If I didn't do so already congrats on the PRs!! Hard work and that never-stop determination really did ya good! Now if only I could be like that...heheh.