Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have you checked out http://www.potomaccrossfit/ ? I wish you would!
This is Dan. He's one of the owners of Potomac Crossfit and he's a Crossfit Coach.
Dan's one athletic dude and I'm proud to have him as a fellow coach and buisness partner.
Read more about Dan.....
"I’ve always been fairly athletic, but I am not an elite athlete. I’ve always been intellectually curious, but I am rarely the smartest guy in the room. I started working out regularly (again) and with intensity during my 10 months in Iraq (I am a Naval Flight Officer). It was something I could do to briefly get away from the job. Also, I turned 30, and knew that the days of athletically getting by on my youth were over. At that time, I was not doing CrossFit, but I was building a good base doing diverse workouts (mainly to fight off boredom in the gym). When I got back from Iraq, Brian (Co-Owner, Naval Academy Classmate, 2000) kept hounding me to do CrossFit. I was skeptical - as I tend to be. It seemed like it was a little bit of smoke and mirrors - how could workouts so brief possibly train you for much longer endeavors? I actually gave CrossFit a chance as a way to conserve time. Since then, my perspective on CrossFit has completely changed. Bottom line, it works. I am in the best shape of life. No caveats. I do not dread workouts - I savor them. The diversity of the CrossFit program has me constantly learning - which I love. I believe in CrossFit and what it does enough to start a business in it. I believe in Brian and Jen (Co-Owner and Head Trainer) and who they are enough to start a business with them. Come check us out."


Aaron said...

Yes, come check out Potomac CrossFit! I have had great fun, a great workouts, and excellent instruction.

I had almost the exact same experience as Dan. I was in Iraq at an outstation in the middle of nowhere. We turned the living room into our gym. It was basically a treadmill, an olympic bar, 300lbs of iron weights, some dumbbells, and a pull-up bar. I thought the situation was hopeless before one of the guys I was with said, "check this out."

My first workout was Fran (it was actually RXd that day!). It took me 18 minutes. We wrote it on the whiteboard.

That was July 18th, 2005. And I still can't wait for Saturday's Workout in the Park!

Katie said...

That to me sounds like another great CrossFit story! :)