Thursday, June 26, 2008

Was thinking too much about what to do today. I wanna work on Thrusters, I wanna work the rings. Both together would be too much for my shoulder.

What did I come up with.


Thrusters with 75lb bar


Yes, it was too heavy for my shoulder. That's why the numbers are what they are. Am I sore in my shoulder....fuck yes!

3:00 mins

Going to ice.

Went Grocery shopping:

One minuet each no rest

Sumo dead-lift highpulls 16k KB=20 reps

Snatches Left 12k KB=15 reps

Snatches Right 12k KB=13 reps

Swings 16k KB=20 reps

Clean and Press Right 12k KB=13 reps

Clean and Press Left 12k KB=12 reps

SDHP's 16k KB=20 reps

Highpulls Right 12k KB=15

Highpulls Left 12k KB=13

SDHP's 16k KB= 20 reps

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