Thursday, June 19, 2008

If you've not made you way over to Aaron's blog unbreakable fitness your missing out. His insights and philosophy's are right on!
Crossfit Endurance is my new fav! No I'm not an endurance person. I apply what they teach in a different way. Go see for yourself.
At Crossfit Santa Cruz you can see some great Zone meals and if your not following the WOD at CF HQ they have some very scalable WODS.
Zach writes from the heart. His passion is incredible! He tells it like it is and I dig that!

This next one is Jason C. Browns site. It's a member only site. It has great how to videos for KB's, DB's and body weight movements. Worth every penny!

For all you Oly lifting information go to Catalyst Athletics.


Gregory K said...

Jen, when are you coming to Philly?

Potomac Crossfit said...

That's a good question. I'm working on it. It's more of having a free day issue right now. I just need to make time.

Gregory K said...

Best of luck with everything down in DC. Hope to see you soon.