Friday, August 31, 2007

It goes without saying that you have to be careful if you lift or workout barefoot.
Let's start this interesting topic with some photos.

Ok so we know people do it and that it works for some. Are there reasons other than being in a martial arts studio? I have found personal that I like the feel. I can really feel the weight going into my feet.

It's taking me some time to find a well written article on this topic. So if you know of some lead the way.


Moondog Mai said...

I'm just going ff the top of my head, but I would think an article on running barefoot or even something by Coach Rippetoe on anatomy & lifting would help.

From personal experience I think going barefoot works better because it's hard to find shoes that have little to no cushion in them. It's a little harder for me to lift in my new running shoes because of the amount of cushioning in them (which is awesome outside of lifting). It throws of my balance, especially when trying to catch a weight! I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the balance issue affects what muscles are used during a lift.

Maybe I should start wearing my martial arts shoes?

~The Mighty Kat~ said...

Jen, thanks for responding to my query! So you like the very thing that scares me (not having done it, mind you). I'll keep checking back. Meanwhile, good pics.

Ariel said...

Hi Jen!
I have been lurking on your site this summer and have gotten into crossfit because of it! Thanks! :)
Pardon my shallow question, but who is the hottie in the second picture (blond, dark shorts, white tshirt)? Thanks and best wishes to you,