Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yesterday I had to put my Dog Louie to sleep. My healthy, young, Fun and devoted dog.
Why, well not because I wanted to. Because he was acting aggressive tord others, more and more. He was very strong and for him to be lunging at people was just not a good thing living in a city area. He found that he could jump fences and chase people away from us. That had not happened in our yard yet. We had been taking him to a playground that was fenced in so he could run. Then while I was at work Di took him and he saw a guy walking passed....off he went. We've seen the symptoms since we got him. I guess at first we just thought he would get over it with training and with being around people. We were wrong it just got worse. His life was coming down to our yard and house. We in good conscious were going to have to avoid people or muzzle him. Not take him any place because he was so cute that people always wanted to pet him. Most of the time he would be alright with others, then there would be that one person that I could tell he did not like. From time to time I would see that look on his face and know that he was near the edge. It only takes one small nip to send someone to the ER for stitches and then it's off to the kennel or be put down.
As for kennels he got sent home the last time I tried to board him. When I left he freaked out and snapped at the worker who was trying to take off his collar.
Louie was scared of people and loud places. When walking him around our area if I went out of my house and headed right down the block he was fine(excerpt if we met people)if I took a left he was a bag of nerves. His head going back and forth, looking behind him making sure no one was coming up on him. It was sad to watch.
That being said, at home he was sweet and loving! He never did anything wrong in the house. He let Sophie our 8 year old boxer rule the house and all the toys. He was kind to the cats from the first day. Louie loved Diane but was my right hand man. At my side for everything. Workouts, sleeping, cooking, he was there with a little kiss. Every time I would leave and come home he would be in the window, I could see his little white face as I pulled into our drive. Yet, he was his own man and would sleep half the nite down stairs and come up in the moring to get me up for a walk.
I was taking Louie for trail runs, He was awesome at it! He never went around the trees the wrong way. Man he could jump and climb fallen trees like a champ. When he would run free his body was all grace, you just had to love it. He looked so happy.
Louie was a what is called a fear biter. We trained him, sit, stay, come, down and hold. He would let me take his toys and toss them and wait to go get them. Awesome dog, just awesome to me.
I miss him and feel bad, really bad. Yet, I know under the pain that we did the right thing. It's just right now I just feel so awful I can't explain it. We gave Louie the best year and 1/2 of his life. Before that he was closed up in a room and not feed.
Anyhow, I love you Louie. Rest in Peace big man!


reggie said...

Jen, you have my deepest, heartfelt condolences. I can understand why you did it.

gear said...

I'm so sorry Jen, call or stop by if you need to talk/yell/hit somebody ;)

Catherine said...


I'm sorry you had to do that. My condolences. You are a responsible and conscientious dog owner.


Jen said...

Thank you for your comments. This has been a tough one on us. I've always been a animal person. I feel like I connect to them. It's freaky I know!
As a kid I grew up in a area where there was a lot of space and wooded areas. I would hike and bike, and fish all the time. At my side always was my dog. She was never on leash and never out of sight. My younger years were tough to say the lest, my dog was my best friend and I felt closer to it then anyone else. It's that which I don't like to be without. Having that creature with you knowing that companionship. Yet, in this situation we had to do the responsible thing and put our selfish feelings aside. Which to tell you the truth sucks...but had to be done.

~The Mighty Kat~ said...

(((Jen))), deepest condolences. You did the right thing, and something most people wouldn't have had either the guts or sensitivity to do. No idea whether I could have done it in your shoes.

aileen said...

i am so sorry to hear this sad news! what a beautiful dog. doing the right thing sometimes is not our favorite thing to do. i hope you can take comfort in your good memories and knowing you gave him the most love he has ever felt.