Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Deadlift form. The two left photos are of good form and the two right of bad form.

It was a 4am morning. Got out of bed grabbed Sophie and out the door as we headed for Arlington, VA. Handed Sophie over to my senior friend Otto so that they could hang out. Then I was off to Crossfit Challenge. I was feeling lest then motivated to workout this AM. When I got to the parking lot I decided to do some sprints and a run around the block. Jerry told me the distance but I've forgotten now. After a few sprints and some side shuffles we headed in. First I warmed up with some arm bars with the 12k KB 4 each side, same with TGU's but failed with my left arm on the second one. In that time Jerry decided to do some Tabata Muscle ups and squats. Since he had his watch going with the tabata alarm I thought sure do a few KB swings with the 45# KB. I kept it at 10 each time! Nice, I love that 45# KB! Then since I'm weak in the sit-up department I did Tabata sit-ups, I'm sure to feel that for a few days.
Crossfit Challenges second class is a lifting class. Today was Deadlifts and Strict press, 3 reps with max weight. I jumped in to see what I had. With the 205# deadlift I was able to get 3 reps. Sweet! My strict press was a mess. With my shoulder feeling shitty it was just not good, So I dropped it. I'll work on them soon.

A side note about my cycling. I've noticed I never get any better at climbing hills. I'm always last and struggling. Actually I think I'm a bit better than in the past but no huge gains. I wonder why? It's not like I'm racing or anything just seems I'm not a good climber, I just blow up on the climbs.

These Photos are of the 205x3

Here we have my new Friend in competition Keturah

Willie is the only one besides Jerry in class that can add! The rest of us were having a really hard time figuring out how much weight we had on the bar. Willie we sure will miss you!

You gotta love the crew at Crossfit Old Town Challenge! They make me want to work hard when I don't feel like working!

Last but not lest we have Andrea who kicked my ass with the Strict Press. She was build for this lift! Watch out girl...I'm coming up behind you!

I'm learning about short people and squatting their deadlift. I noticed it with Mike from Crossfit DC as well. Being that they have short arms and legs they tend to not go back with there butt on the Deadlift, They simply squat. Maybe by putting a pole behind them that they have to touch with there butt as they go down would help. Next time I see Andrea at CF Challenge I'll give it a go with her.


Jamie said...

Nice job on the deadlift! 205# is awesome

Anonymous said...

damn...the folks at CF Old Town just kick ass,...I got a lot of catching up to do! Does Jerry have a blog for CF Old Town? I'd be interested in reading that! Or, you could keep posting stuff like this ;)

~The Mighty Kat~ said...

Barefoot? Fascinating! what's the idea behind that? (I'd love it if you'd devote a post to this, if there's enough info) I'm always tempted to try Olympic lifts barefoot, but didn't think it was a good idea, and on another note, in my garage, it really isn't a good idea. But I'd sure like to learn about the theory behind it. Thanks!