Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Over the last few days I took it easy. Played some soccer on Sunday which was really fun. It's always been my sport of choice since I was 7.
Today I was at Crossfit Challenge with Jerry. So the opener for my day was Tabata. My line up was Swings, Sit-ups, Squats and lunges. Since I'm still keeping away from overhead stuff like pull-ups. Which kills me, I love pull ups and work on the rings!
So anyway it was 8 sets of 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest for each of the four movements. Sweat Jesus! My legs were blowing up!
Then the 6am class showed up and worked it hard. It's great to see people improve and become more aware of there bodies. Jerry had some new people in class, I hope they keep coming so that in a month or so I can see how far they've come! The first day is always a killer!

Then Jerry has his lifting class. Deadlift and Strict press singles. That's a max weight for one rep. On the deadlift I got 235# Whew! My lower back did rounded a bit so I have to watch that. Which is a strength thing but it's also a focus deal for me. My goal has been 270# in December.
update some things I forgot!
Later in the afternoon on my way to Personal Train a client I went to a soccer field and did some sprints and power skips with a few suicides mixed in. To warm up as Mai says I did 100 "rope turns" and then repeated for a cool down.


Jerry Hill said...

270 is yours...

Very STRONG 235 today!

You kept great tension on the lift.

Thanks for the help coaching and always fun to watch you lift...

Anonymous said...

Seriously...I'm sure you'll hit 270 before December...you're one tough person! =D I got a lot of catching up to do!

Can't imagine doing your Tabata circuit, I think my legs would explode halfway through!