Thursday, August 09, 2007

Some Like it Hot. Yup, that's me. I would rather it be 100* and humid than snowing!

Today I went to Crossfit Old town to continue to learn from Jerry's coaching. Some may call me crazy for doing something I don't get paid for. Look at it this way. Jerry has been coaching for a long ass time. He was coaching when I was playing soccer and hockey. He was looking at sports in a different way. Jerry developed his coaching as an athlete. While I was just in it for me. Now I'm seeing both sides of the field! Which means I have a lot to learn and not of money to pay people to teach me. That's why I go and watch how he handles different situations. Also, it's fun. It's fun to be with his crew of people and to workout with him before class. That's payment in it's self.

It was a tabata day.
Six rounds of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest.
Ring Rows
KB swings
Box Jumps
The Situps killed me. I hate them! I went for ring rows instead of Pullups do to should pain.

Thought of the day
Why would we cheer or idolize any athlete who we know uses Steroids or we even think uses them? What kind of an athlete are they if they need to use something to make them stronger? That's like saying I can deadlift 500# when your only lifting's a lie. You can't do shit if your using Steroids...your not doing it the drug is!

Missing Louie! Feeling like I cut his life short. It's hard to deal with this.


Jerry Hill said...

Hey Jen,
Always great having you in!
Not only do our Old Town Members benefit from another coach but I'm always learning also!
All coaches get stuck in patterns and coaching cues, it's always good to hear someone else coach and cue...I learn from you as well...we never stop's the great thing about being a coach!

That Tabata workout was a killer, I would have tanked if it wasn’t for you pushing along with me.

Re: Steroids and thought of the day...
"We" idolize them because "we" created them...

The weight loss, food, health, and fitness industry is making its' billions peddling their magic pills, products, and mystery cream. So, is it news that our athletes are looking for the ultimate quick fix, or is it more shocking that we are?

There is no single external force greater than the resolve that we all internally possess.

CrossFit is helping change the paradigm in fitness...moving the present focus of the image in the mirror to performance base training and building character and inner strength...we will soon see our Nation on the road to true health again!


reggie said...

To the "Reverend" Jerry Hill (in his response to Jen's thought of the day) : Let the church say "Amen."

"Amen!" :-)

reggie said...

Oh...and the latter-day picture of "the Governator" shows just how much of a "girly-man" he has physically become. :-)

coopdog said...

to bad thats not a real picture of him you fag, i idolize him because when he puts his mind to something he can do it, i don't see you going from 20 bucks to 800 mil any time in the future, don't try to make someone great seem less than they are because you'll never get there.

coopdog said...
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Jen said...

Get a life, really go out and buy one!