Monday, August 13, 2007

Ok, update on todays workout. I had all kinds of plans but decided to go easy on my shoulder.
10 Side press with 15# KB
10 side presses with 12k KB
Windmills top 16k bottom 12k 10 each side
Strict press 10 each side with 12k KB
Jerks 5 with 16k on right
3 on left.
Then 5 on left with 12k KB
2 sets of 10 front squats with 45# bar
1 set of 10 back squats with 45# bar
1 set of 10 back squats with 75#
1 set of 7 front squats with #75
2 sets of 5 front squats 75#
1 set of 5 back squats with 75#
My numbers are kinda crazy since I kept losing focus. Louie's ashes got delivered to the house today and it really hit me hard. At lest I did a workout.

Over the last few days I've been out on two short rides. One was at a speedy pace with Di and Ernesto. The ride I did this Am was short and slow. Spinning, no climbing to speak of just recovery. If I felt the L-acid starting to burn in my legs I would back off either in speed or via gears.
I plan on doing another workout today. So I'll have to get back to you on that one. Yesterday I did 30 cleans to Jerks with 65#. My left shoulder is really weak which made this very hard.

It's been almost a week since we put Louie to sleep. I've not made it one day with out crying. Crying really can take it out of you! At lest I made it through CFDC with out bursting out in tears!

On Saturday Di and I took Sophie into rock Creek park for a walk and I put my KB in a back pack to play with it on the rocks. Two miles with a 12k KB hitting me in the back was not the greatest thing for my shoulder and upper back but oh well. It was fun to play out on the rocks and see how hard it is to swing without proper footing!

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