Sunday, December 07, 2008

One last post on the BUTT wink. I find myself saying to others contract your core and pull down into the squat. After some reading it seems that it's pulling down via the hip flexers that allows the squatter to fight the BUTT wink.

1. Be tight and pull down into the squat so that every muscle in your body is working.

2. Use a ball to stop from going into the butt wink. Yet, don't get addicted to the ball. You can also ask someone to watch you and tell you when to stop descending and power up.

3. Wall squats

4. Superman's

5. Windmills or movements that work your hamstrings without making your lower back overly flexible.

I've not talked about it but I do see a connection between forward lean in the squat and butt wink. People that have one or the other most of the time have them both.

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Melissa Byers said...

Good tips, Jen. Supermans really helped me feel what it means to actively maintain that lumbar arch. I also do a lot of stripper squats - get into the bottom of your squat in front of a pole and use the pole to pull yourself into a more upright position. It helps you balance while keeping a really nice arch.