Monday, December 15, 2008

The people I learn from.
Eva Claire of Crossfit Boston has a extraordinary presents in a group. Yes, she can move that Barbell around like a champ. Which you may find intimidating. Yet step into her group at a Crossfit Cert and not only will your skills be sharpened...your going to hear some wise shit about how and when to move the bar. EC will talk about breathing, focus and power.

I've been to two certs with EC, she's what I would call a wise trainer. She seems to have her head around intense yet wise training. This is something that I find interesting. EC is strong as shit! Yet, if you listen to what she says about knowing when to hit it hard and when to TRAIN your body you're going to learn it's not about going fucking fast and hard all the time. Eight ounces of PVC can be as effective if not more so then 200lbs! What I was hearing her say was to find weights that are good for training your form and hit them over and over.

How hard do you go and how often? Do you do some of your WOD's and leave a little in the tank? Or do you tank out each and every time? Do you tank out on movements that are a struggle for you? Or do you do WODs at in between speeds and weight in order to make form and focus priority? Tossing it down every time is not always effective training, IMO. I'm not saying puss out, or take it easy. Just allow time for gains. In between speeds and weights at certain training times prepare us for making bigger gains.

Training is a art....what corner are you painting yourself into? More this week on WISE CrossFit Training. Photo by Keith Wittenstein


ec said...

holy smokes! wow. thank you, jen. im very flattered.

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Hey lady, your the shit what can I say! LOL