Thursday, July 10, 2008

WOD's from the last few day's

Trim Hedges
Five clean and jerks with two 16k KB's
Five clean and jerks
Five double cleans
One arm Clean and Jerks Five each side.
Two handed KB high pulls with 24k KB
Pick up...cooked, done, finished!

PVC work warm up. Shrugs, high pulls, Muscle snatches, snatch balances, Wall squats, hang squat cleans.
Mini tabata mix:
Air squats, lunges
Had to stop there, it's unwise of me to blow up before a 12 hour shift.
Then repeated all PVC work

Today at Balance gym:
Warm up: 500 meter row, Front squat with bar.
Play WOD, I just wanted to do stuff. With no order or RX!
5 Front squats with bar
5 FS with 65lb
5 FS with 95lbs
5 Squat cleans from the floor with 65lbs
5 squat cleans @ 95lbs
Attempted deal!
5 more 95lb squat cleans
5 hang cleans with 95lbs X 5

Pressed Bar X 5
Push press X 5
Repeated five times working form. Focused on the push press and getting my weight to go into my heels and not forward into the balls of my feet.

45lb KB snatches Right
16k KB snatches left
Farmers carried with two 40's up and back the gym then 10 lunges
Hows that for Varied and random!!

Have you gotten your Potomac Crossfit T-shirt yet?
Get outside and get some! Just move your body, don't wait for the right time or day. Today is the day!
I love being a strong women!! It rocks!

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