Thursday, July 24, 2008

As I turn 39 what are my fitness goals? Why do I do Crossfit?

First lets make a list of all my past injuries.

Four or five broken ribs. Most of them from a fall I took off a ladder the others from hockey.

I've broken my nose twice that I can remember, once from a soccer game the other from a dog who flipped me over and I landed on my face.

One broken jaw, I fell off a boat and hit my face on it as I went down.

Two dislocated shoulders from a MTB accident.

Two broken fingers from the same accident.

Two dislocated ankles one from a soccer game the other from volleyball.

Five or so concussions. Once I fell into a bowl while in-line skating and landed on my head. The others were from hockey.
Along with them I've had some pretty bad whip lash.

A dislocated thumb from playing footbag or net ball. It's a hacky sack game.

One sliped disk from a swinging accident where I went over the top bar and did some amazing flip and landed on my ass which also broke my tail bone.

A load of road rash from a cycling spill where I slid on my helmet and shoulder for several feet.....but I got up and finished the race.

Geeesh, that's a pretty good list. As Jerry said in the comments I have a lot of good memories that go with them. As I wrote the list out I had some good laughs!

Why this list of injuries, well because... This is my body and I don't want to make excuses for not pushing. Yet, I have to listen to what it's telling me, if you don't think these things add up you crazy! I have days when I just don't feel like moving.
If I stop moving I become my injuries, if I move when I should rest I have another injury to add to the list....that is not a goal!

OK, Now for my goals
I want to go to the senior Olympics!

Of course I have other reasons. I like being strong and fit. Whether I'm cycling or or doing Crossfit I feel mentally stronger when I've motivated myself to push my limits.
My grandfather always wanted me to go to the Olympics when I was younger. I hope to make his and my dream a reality in the next ten years!


Jerry Hill said...

I love that list...
A lot of great memories I bet!

Happy early birthday!

Mike said...

Your body's seen some battle, for sure, though I'm not sure that your dog flipping you counts as an "athletic injury"... unless you were doing it for time :-)

You're a warrior, Jen. Keep pushing hard.

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Yeah, the memmories are better then the list but the stories would me to long.
Those stories are for parties and bars!
Thanks Mike!
Yeah the dog deal was anything but athletic! LOL

DIF - CrossFit Cape Fear said...

John from down in Fayetteville NC... LOVE the idea of the "senior" Olympics - now I've got something to ponder as well. LOL

Of course we do have the 2009 CrossFit Games to consider!

Always will be fun at 43....

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

great to hear from you! Yeah maybe you and I can strat up the "senior" Oly team! LOL