Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Today's WOD

75# Deadlifts 15

75# Hang power cleans 12

Front squats 9

Push Jerk(split for me) 6

3 Rounds for time
RX'ed this is 95# for women and 135lbs for men and 5 rounds.
The scaling was to take it to 65# for women and still do five rounds. I knew I did not have this today. I also only have 74# at home. So I just took two rounds off. I think it balanced it's self out. It was heavy for me for sure. The cleans were the hardest. Please use smart scaling if and when you do these workouts. It might hit your ego a little but your going to seem wiser in the end.
Overall a great WOD for me. I liked it and the pain it brought me.


1 comment:

Spider63 said...

That is awesome. You must be in great shape!