Sunday, July 20, 2008

20080719 Park WOD from Potomac Crossfit on Vimeo.
It killed me to miss the Park WOD, but I had to put the hours in at the hospital. From the video it looks like fun was had and really that's the point Right! Have fun Get Fit!

Just as an example of the "Crossfit bond" I'll use my friend Adrienne.

Adrienne and I first met at Crossfit DC. Tom spoke of her before I met her. What he told me was this "When you work out with Adrienne your going to push yourself harder than you do when she's not around" My thought was kinda like, Huh? Well for Christ sake he was right. As we took on whatever crazy ass workout that Tom made up we were right across from each other. Out of the gate she gave me a look that said, "come on bitch I dare you to keep up."
Who knows if I kept up, that remains a secret between Adrienne and I!

Now it's been a few years since we first met. We have on very rare occasions hung out outside of Crossfit. You know how it goes, life is busy. Does that make us not friends? Nope! Our friendship is built on Crossfit. We've had the girly chats over the years, the heart break and the injury and triumph of physical challenges.

I've seen Adrienne become a strong person. Physically yes, and emotionally. She walks into a room with an emotional strength that is empowering! I'm not saying she was a wuss before. Let's leave it at this, I've seen a change and it's good.

Also, although we don't get to chat so much these days I know she has my back. Whatever comes down the pike. I could call or email and support would be there. Not because I'm special but because we have worked hard together to get strong and break down walls of physical and emotional opposition. When you've done that with people a bond is created and that my friends is a Crossfit Friendship.


Katie said...

Jen, I think you've captured Adrienne's spirit very well. She's a very motivating person. She was never a wuss before, but through her injury she has grown even stronger and more determined. Andrea came back with a t-shirt from the games that says "Stong is beautiful." Adrienne is a perfect showcase of that. She is definitely a strong beautiful woman.

I also agree with you on the development of CrossFit friendships. We may not always get to chat or hang out, but we know if it comes right down to it, there are people who will have our backs and support us. It's a great feeling. One of the many reasons that CrossFit is far and away a more wonderful program than anything you will find in a globo gym.

Awesome writing Jen! But let's also not forget, that you are also an example of strength, beauty, and determination. As Jerry once said, you are awake and kicking down doors. You break down the barriers of conventional fitness and show people what it's like to be healthy and strong. Both you and Adrienne are shining examples of what I'd love to be.

Adrienne said...

Jen, Wow, thanks so much. I was thinking yesterday during the workout that I would have loved it if you had been there.. I would have pushed myself so much harder. It's great to have someone who makes you want to push yourself harder than you usually would. You do that for me!

Way to be (in so many ways)!

Erika said...


Love the sentiments expressed in this post. Crossfit is amazing not just for the physical strength it inspires in people, but also the mental strength. I've seen the change in myself and in others and I love it. Can't wait to suffer through some workouts in the new PCF box and build those bonds with more folks!

Missed you at the workout this past Sat. Met Adrienne, which was cool since I like reading about both of your CF journeys as I take my own.

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Katie, Thanks!
How's the running going?

Adrienne, I missed you too. But soon enough we will get a WOD in together!

Erika, it sucked to miss the workout for sure.
I can't wait for PCF to get it's fort either! It's been a long haul!