Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Warm up:
30 Burpees for time= 2:27

My Bear: 1.Hang Clean
1. Front Squat
1. Push Press
1. Back Squat
1. Thruster
One time through is 1 rep. I did 5 sets for time. On my first set of 5 I forgot to start my watch.

My rest was 10 hang cleans with the 45lb bar, 10 split jerks.

Then I repeated the above for time, which was 2 minuets flat. Not very fast because I have to think about my shoulder which hurts and form which can be weak at times.

Someone asked me why my workouts are short. Well that's what got me into this whole deal. Yes, I could and do at times spend more than 40 minuets doing a workout. The point is to get a lot done fitness wise fast. fast without giving up good form and being safe. Because I'm into the coaching end of this fitness/Crossfit deal I do spend more time than I should "playing". Let's remember this is a get fit and stay intrested kind of workout I'm doing. What keeps people doing CF is that they can get really fit in a short amount of time. Epic workouts have there place, but not everyday. I can't go to work at the hospital all beat up for a 12 hour shift. My Am workday workouts are mostly Tabata or something like that. When I have time to spend hours working out I plan them so that I have days to recover or I end up sick.

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