Monday, October 08, 2007

Fight Gone Bad Video.

No workout today since I had to get my Rabies shot.
Yup, today was number five of my rabies shots. It sucks alright and hurts too. Last week I got bit by a dog of some street kids in Adams Morgan. It was a strange situation one that I tell better in person. It hurt and the shots hurt as well, not to mention they make me sick. Just a general blah feeling with a headache.

So if you know me and I'm a bitch to out I bite!

At Crossfit DC I ran my first Elements class. If your in the area and want to get a feel for Crossfit please come in on Oct 21 at 9am. We will cover some of the basics of Crossfit. You'll still get a kick ass workout with an emphasise on form.

As Crossfit Grows in the DC area specifically Crossfit DC we really want to make sure that,
A. No one gets lost in the Crowd

B. That form is always a priority

This in not a class just for folks who are new to exercise. It's a class for the In and out of shape people. A time to make sure your moving as well as you can before your jump into a big class.
Let the ego go and come get an Elements class under your belt.

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