Friday, October 19, 2007

I really fucked up yesterdays workout!
Maybe I was sleepy or just foggy. I went into Crossfit Old Town Challenge. Jerry said he was going to do "Nasty Girls" which is

50 squats
7 Muscle ups
10 hang power cleans 135lbs for Men and 85lbs for women

To scale this for me it should have been

50 squats
14 jump to supports on the rings
10 hang power cleans with 85lbs

This is what I did

50 squats
7 jump to support on rings
10 hang power cleans with 75lbs

Well, what can you do.
My time was 6:30 not that it counts for anything.
I will be hitting this again soon.

I was pleased with...
Being in a class and coaching while learning.
Doing a Turkish Get up with a 45lb bar!
Doing a barbell hang clean of 65lbs with one arm and then jerking it up once.
Now that's fun!


Adrienne said...

Finally! I did more output in a workout than you Jen!

Jen said...

Remember I'm your senior! Sometimes I just can't figure out what day it is...let alone how much weight is on the bar!

Jerry Hill said...

If you hit this again go with 95lbs...your cleans look strong!

The one hand 65lb barbell clean and jerk was awesome!

A few years back before CrossFit (B.CF.) I used to hit a M-W-F core lifting routine, t-th was GPP.

For my liftin' I would rotate in one hand barbell lifts; suitcase DL, cl&J, sn...I had forgotten how much FUN they are...when I saw you grab that bar for the Cl&J in reminded me of some fun training days...

I think we might have to move forward and plan a "Circus Sideshow" Strength day!

Jen said...

I was wondering about my cleans, if they were looking good or not. It amazes me that you can see anything during that workout. I had tunnel vision!