Friday, October 05, 2007

Fight Gone bad went really well for Crossfit DC. It also looks and sounds like it went well at Crossfit Challenge.

My personal score is not so great, 211. Not to make excuses....but..
I used the 24' box for box jumps because I like to jump. I jumped every rep no step ups. So there!
It's amazing what mental hesitation can do to you. With my shoulder I've had weeks that are so horrible because of the pain. This caused me to "play it safe" in my speed and out put. I'll be honest it was a hard ass workout and I have been working out at 70% since Feb. This is the first time since then that I have gone up to 80% or 85%. In saying that it was not all wisdom and restraint, it was lack of ability to put out any more do to lack of metabolic capacity.

In the end I raises $700 for the fundraiser and our team raised about $7000!

Over the last week I've been busy. Too busy! Doctors appointments and running around before and after work.

I've decided to get my shoulder scoped. After my visit with doctor Branch it looks like its time. The bottom line is that it's not getting better. My shoulder is loose, a grade 3. Zero being the tightest 4 being the most loose. At this point I'm not sure when, I have to fill out my family Med leave and do all that kinda stuff.

I will be out of work for a few months as it looks right now. My fitness goals are being re-arranged in my head. Once the initial pain is controlled I will have to keep in shape without using my Left arm. I need to get a belt to pull things with! The one armed KB swings will be a good movement for me as well. My head is swimming with plans. Tabata squats will be my staple!

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