Monday, October 29, 2007

This past weekend I went to the Oly Seminar at Primal Fitness here in DC. Thanks to Tom and Primal for making that happen by helping me out with the cost.
I learned so much I can barley walk! My calf's are so sore I can't believe it.
Greg Everett from Performance menu was the coach of this seminar. It was great to meet him. He's a very down to earth kinda guy which makes for a great coaching style. Thanks for your help this weekend Greg!

By far the most helpful thing I learned was the difference between a Crossfit Air squat and the Oly squat.
The air squat is back and down while keeping the torso tight and flat or straight. With the feet under the hips with the toes turned out a little.

The Oly squat is keeping the back tight and flat or in good lumbar curve while dropping your butt as close to sitting on your Calif's as possible. You don't want to crash down onto your calf's. You control and stay active in your quads on the way down so that you have power to come back up. By having your heels pointed more in to each other you can open your hips so that your knees go out as you lower down onto your calf's.

My issue...Oh there are so many. The one I can actually work on is becoming more flexible in my Oly squat and open my hips up.

My clean needs work as well. Dip and pull up while getting under the bar without going forward. Also another point that was that in the dip it's straight down not forward.
Oh the list is endless.

Let's remember I'm a Crossfitter. I'm never going to be a great Oly lifter. The reason I do all this is to stay fit and help others get fit. It's a jack of all master of non kinda deal. That being said I do want to be as good as I can in as many areas of crossfit as possible. It's quite a challenge with crossfit staying on top of so many skills. Which as I have stated before is part of the attraction to CF. You sure as hell should not get bored. There's always something to work on! If you think you're good at all of it..your wrong!

It was a great weekend hanging out with the crew. Watching Fred and Steve kill themselves during a lunch workout, going out to lunch with a bunch of area CF'ers. Meeting Judd from Crossfit Rockville was really cool. I wish him luck in his new CF gym. I can't wait to go over and get my ass kicked!

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