Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A while back I did an on-line power lifting meet. At Virtual Meet.com. I did horrible! So in this vid you wont see much of me. It was not that I was not lifting really bad, it was that I did not follow the rules for most of it. My only lift that counted was my 195# Deadlift, which is a long way from my max. I did get my max that day of 235# but at the top of the lift I drooped the bar. At the time I thought that was my exclamation point, not knowing that you have to lower the bar for the lift to count. DUMB ME! Anyhow it was fun. My friend Emmie did well also, she's the tall skinny chick....who is strong as hell! Over all power lifting is fun. I'm glad I do Crossfit. If you know Crossfit you know that the theorie is Jack of all fitness master of as many areas as possible. Which makes it so fun. Just when you "master" one thing you start to suck at another! Crossfit Makes you Fit...that's the goal.

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Jerry Hill said...

ahh...powerlifting...too funny about that Deadlift Jen!