Monday, March 19, 2007

This is the group of us at the Cert this weekend. It was awesome! My head is full of information. As for my shoulder I made out well. I was able to do all the group skills. The only things I was held back on were the groups workouts. Which are more to show what ya got. I've got a lot to show but this was not the time for that. The first workout I was able to do.
50 push press with the 45# bar
50 squats with the med ball
50 sumo dead lift high pulls with a 30# KB(I did mine with one hand)
400 or so meter run.

Things to work on
overhead squats
push jerk
air squats...lower and less lean forward

So anyway now I'm a level 1 Crossfit trainer! Level two I hope comes sooner than later!


reggie said...

Congratulations Jen!

Tom Brose said...

I'm really proud of the job you did. Other people in the cert class were looking to Jen for help and advice. plus, we had a pretty fun car ride.

Willie said...

Hi Jen, congratulations on your cert. I heard from Jerry that you all had a good time.

See ya soon.


Mike said...

Nice job, Jen. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

aileen said...

good job jen! i'm glad it all worked out!! congratulations!!! :o)

Force of Hobbit said...

Jen - CONGRATS! It sounds like you did really well - no matter what 'limitiations' you thought you had. I am really proud of you!

Jen said...

Thanks all! Will I see you at Sunday Crossfit DC?