Saturday, March 10, 2007

My shoulder is slowly improving. Over the last few days I've been doing more with it. This whole deal with my shoulder is more than my rotator cuff. It's also the tendinitis in the triceps and biceps. When I do pushups or pullups this is what becomes more aggravated than the Rotaor cuff. I have a huge size and strength difference between my L and R. Which has always been the case. I thought that once I started to do my body weight exercises this would change. It did not. So now with this injury I'm taking a new approach. In an attempt to try to build muscle on my left arm and shoulder I've been doing bicep curls, hammer curls and the like. Only doing them on the left side and right now with low weight. Yes, your right it's not really functional strength. I need to build some mass on that arm as a protective measurement. I'm also doing a lot of arm bars and TGU's, windmill and walking lunges with a DB overhead.


Jerry said...

Hey Jen,
Ever see the movie, 'Lady in the Water'?

Your bicep curls reminded me of it...

Mike said...

I heard from Tom B. that you were going for a cert in NC this weekend. Good luck with that.

reggie said...

I hope that your shoulder injury doesn't compromise your performance for this weekend's certification.

Big up and good luck!

Mark Reifkind said...


sorry to hear about your shoulder injury. I have struggled with shoulder issues for many many years, starting in 1977 when I dislocated my shoulder ending my gymnastics career.

this article is perhaps the best thing I've read about how to deal with training and healing the entire scapula/thoracic area.I have had great success lately with the basic concepts and I have tried EVERYTHING.

hope this helps