Saturday, March 24, 2007

The quest of 1000 squats for time. I know it's a little strange but who cares. Today I did 100 air squats then 200 with a 20 or 30# weight vest on. First I will do 500 for time and see how that goes.


leslie said...

What a cool thing to work towards!

Last year I did 1000 lunge walks (body weight only) per day through the end of March. I was intending to go all year, but it made me so sore that nothing else, lower body wise, seemed really possible or smart, so I decided to discontinue my own quest. But I love these kinds of challenges.

Best of luck with it!

Christine said...

You should have Krista post this on under the "Gospel of Squat" section. Awesome!

I have goals like that too, Right now I'm working on doing 100 swings a day no matter what my workout is. It's nice to have a fitness oriented goal. Hope you make it!

Shari Baby said...

That fine man in the middle correcting peoples squats....wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt under a large blue jacket is my man Brendan from WAYYY back! When he actually had hair and didn't shave it off!! Thanks for the video...Annie is the master at Tabata!!