Monday, February 19, 2007

WOD with one arm

Warm up

Jump rope on and off for 5 Min's

5 skin the cats on the rings. This does not bother my arm. I know it's strange. My issue is more in my bicep

Tabat squats 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest 8 sets. Your score is the lowest number in any one set.

My Score today was 18

With 40# weight vest

Tire pull to one end of the gym 10 KB swings with right arm only

Tire pull back push press with KB right arm only

4 rounds.

It was short and sweet. Just what I needed today.
The above picture is a CF'ers dream land. Remember to recycle use our trash to make cool stuff for working out!


Christine said...

Even with one arm take comfort in the fact that you're a machine. I think I need to do another workout today after reading this!

John said...

CrossFit heaven!!

reggie said...

All of those tires would make one hell of a gym floor! :-)