Monday, February 12, 2007

On my next day off it will be a roller day with the bike. How I miss riding right now. Spring will bring a new challenge of balance between riding and workingout. I do love the bike and the freedom I feel on it. AAAAH! The picture below is one of the best sprinters ever Mario Cipollini. Sprinting is a battle, elbows and heads smashing together while riding at 40 MPH or more. Now that sounds like fun to me! Mario never tested positive for drugs. This man has enough testosterone in his own chemistry! Not to mention every women that has ever met him wants him....yup me too! I miss Mario! The tour will never be the same!

WOD for me has been Ice and more Ice. Seems I have some patella tendentious in my knees and my shoulder is still painful. So I'm on the foam roller and doing own kinda of yoga. I don't have pain in my shoulder while doing dead hang pull ups so I did do GTG yesterday. Also, I've been working on the windshield wiper. My shoulder hurts while doing any swinging so no jumping pull ups or snatches.
Today is a workday. I will do some foam
roller, stretch and work core stuff. Like l-sit and knee to chins to warm up. Then ice.
ICE, ICE baby!


aileen said...

what the hell did you do to your shoulder and knee? is your shoulder still jacked from when you fell off the fence?!

Jen said...

Yup, that fence did me in. The knees are over use injuries. So that is just rest and time. My shoulder is a pain in the ass. I hurt the same shoulder last year while diving to catch the dog who had a baby rabbit in her mouth....damn dogs. Then the fence deal. I had the orthopedic Dr take a look at it and it seems to be Bicep and triceps.
Ice, Ice!

Anonymous said...

Damn =(

Jen I hope you heal much faster than I have! Don't forget to eat healthy (if you're a bad eater like me, haha), that helps with the recovery...

aileen said...

biceps and triceps what? tendonitis? what ails you? all overhead motions? what does it feel like? where is the pain located?

Jen said...

Aileen, I think it's origin of my biceps or the biceps brachii and the Transverse humeral ligament. I was getting better as long as I stayed away from the swinging motion and hanging. Up to a week ago I could even do thrusters. Then pushed it to much and did a load of snatches. Now the whole Deltoid area is very sore and even down into the belly of my bicep and down the back of my arm(triceps). If you cross massage the deltoid area you can feel that the tendons are bigger and tight. The area that is the most painful is closest to my arm pit,if you rub from the pit out it feels like a tendon that is sore which is why I think is he biceps brachii. Overall I think I have a serious case of tendinitis it the whole arm. Is that possible? So I've been icing and icing and resting. I did a little stretching but I think maybe I should not be doing much of anything with it. I have been taking IB as well. I had one of doctors at work do the whole rotators cuff test, it really does not feel like that's the issue. It's closer to the surface. I have a high threshold for pain, this is just really getting on my last nerve! I've been really icing the heck out of it. I freeze a cup of water and rub it on the area and surrounding area for about 5 Min's. I also got a massage last week. It helped but as with anything like that if you can continue to get it done you don't get the huge benefit from it. I just can't afford 70 bucks a week! I'm off today so it's another rest day. I'm glad it's cold out so I can be lazy but cold weather mskes it hard to ice yourself!

aileen said... gonna try to make it on sunday and if you are there i wil check you out then.
it does sound like you got some massive tendonitis issues going on in your shoulder. what part of your pit is the issue...the front part/border of the pec major?...the long head of the biceps is a bitch...but i would definitely do gentle stretching for short duration so you can maintain mobility of the tendon...i can show you some stretches on sunday...or i will look for some on the web too.
but if it is primarily the front of the shoulder anterior biceps...i would try to get next to the corner of a wall, place your palm on it and rotate yourr body away from your arm GENTLY!...gentle pain free (or rather, the "good pain") stetch...hold like 15 seconds...and do it throughtout the day rather than just in the am and pm.
delt--you can keep your arm straight and bring it behind your back using your good arm to stabilize it( if it is your right arm..keep the palm facing to the left, do not pronate or supinate)...that will get the ant and medial delt the best....the left arm can then hold onto the forearm just above the wrist and give sme GENTLE overpressure (again...good pain only...u need to esp be careful since u have a high pain threshhold)
hope that helps.

Jen said...

Aileen, thanks for your insight into this. I really wish I was able to go this Sunday but I'm at the hospital all weekend.
I will follow your insturctions about the stretches. I forgot your a PT! Duh!
I will be GENTLE and go for that good pain not bad pain. Thank you.