Monday, October 30, 2006

Yesterday's workout. Ran to the park with Louie(dog). Goal was to use as many pieces of equipment as possible in 15 minutes. No real order outside of that. Pullps, Dips, box jumps and arm swings. Between jungle gyms I would do power skips. Louie took that as a run time which made it kinda deadly! Diane came with Sophie and we let the dogs play in a gated area. Then we walked home and I got my slam ball out it's 15lbs. 10 min's of slamming was hard to say the lest. I got 200 slams in. So next time I will go for 20 min's. Man what a workout!

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Jonathan Gilson said...

Hey Jen,

I love the playground! You have the one attribute that guarantees success at everything you try--you'll try anything!

No KB? F*ck it. Get a rock.

No workout partner? Get a dog.

No gym? Who needs a stinkin' gym.

You rock. I mean that. I can't wait to meet you.