Friday, October 06, 2006

Let's first talk about the most recent videos that I have put up. The Olympic one makes my heart race. Something about the Olympics has always moved me. At one point in my life my grandfather really wanted me to make it to the Olympic. My sports would have been Soccer, Cross country skiing. But as you can see that never happened. You might think that I'm saying it's to late. No way! I'm going to go to the senior Olympics as soon as I'm of age. You think I'm kidding!?!? You wait and see!
After that vid is one by Ken Black. He has some awesome ideas and is very motivating. You should check out his web page. The Otherside of strength.

The most recent one is of Jerry Hill. Jerry and I went to the same High School in a very small town. I'm a few years younger then him so I use to watch him train while I was working out for soccer. At that time he was a wrestler. I use to see him and think what an awesome athlete! Now he runs Fit force camp in Philly. This guy is a motivational fire storm!


Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Hi Jen,

I found my way to your blog via Ken Black's blog. Good stuff that you are posting. I agree re: the Olympics. That is some of the most determined and focused athletes out there, bar none.

take care,


Jen said...

Pete, thanks for your feedback. Ken is a great link for me to have. More people have come here via him than I can tell you.