Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When I started to go to Crossfit Old town after my Shoulder surgery I wondered if I should do this. If you know me at all you know I love ball slams!It feels good to slam the shit out of a ball!
Anyhow I gave it a go. It really improved my ROM. I have been at a point where I was just not getting my OH ROM gains. It also took some of the slam out of it which can aggravate my shoulder.
Now, let me say that I did not go all out the first few times. I worked my way into it. Even now I can't just go balls to the wall. I have and had to control myself or pay the price.
As a CF coach it really has worked to get people into that full ROM and not stay round in there back. Overall I dig this exercise in more ways than one!
Good stuff Jerry!
My Before work WOD
3 Rounds
30 situps
30 MT climbers
Had to take it easy today. It's been a long week here at Mount Vernon ER so I can't kill myself.


Jerry Hill said...

Hey Jen,

You killed those jumping slamballs!

One of your first days back and your brought the pain.

Thanks for the link and shout-out.

In Strength,

Adrienne said...

Jen, If I recall correctly (and I'm sure I do) that last time you came in and did jumping slam balls your ROM could have been described as an elevated "C" Imagine the ball and your arms are the top of the "C" and your legs were the bottom of the "C". It wasn't good enough that you just jumped. You celebrated!!

Pamela MacElree said...

Woowhoo Jerry!! Nice variation and for awesome reasons too!

Jen, thanks for making the trek a few hours North today, it was great to meet you face to face, and I'm looking forward to working with and training with you in the future! Stay healthy.

Jen said...

Adrienne, yeah that may be true..but I was only using a 12# ball! LOL!

Pamela, it was great to hang out with you and the Crew!