Saturday, April 19, 2008

This has been a week of PR's for me. Which is a little surprising since I've been struggling with allergies for about 5 days. This time of the year I get migraines that come from congestion. I think I've had a headache for at lest 4 days and one night it did get the best of me and went into a migraine. It sucks!
OK so the PR's are
185# Back Squat
245# Dead lift-this is my old PR from before surgery.
85# Strict Press. Of everything this was the most surprising. It felt amazing to feel that bar lift off my chest and see it go passed my nose! Just amazing! I think I got 2 or 3 reps. Thanks Jerry Hill for the encouragement! And thanks Laura for the cheering and words of caution!
I needed a week like this. My workouts are hit or miss. Since surgery I've had to listen to my body in a new way. There have been days that I've so wanted to do somthing..anything...but no it had to wait. It's still like that. I might get 3 good days and then take off 2 or 3 days. Or go so easy that I walk away feeling like I've done nothing. Even today. I want to ride my bike so bad. I've been off the bike since November, I miss my bike. Yet, I just can't tell if it's going to be the day to give it a go or not.
Yesterday at Crossfit Old Town Challenge: After our strict press work.
Five min rounds of
4 ring Rows or Pull-ups for those that have them..not me!
8 push ups
12 squats
We did 4 rounds of Five minuets with one minuet rest in between. Body weight workouts will bring people to there knees!

The push ups kill me. I'm really into doing honest push-ups and I've been working on it almost everyday. The other day while I was fresh I wanted to see how many Honest, chest to the deck, no head dip and full ROM with arms push-ups I had. TEN....Just TEN. Going into yesterdays workout I was like Oh shit! I just had to do my best to keep my head in line and not except 1/4 or 1/2 push ups. Once I was fatigued it was hard to tell what I was doing. In my head I kept visualizing my body like a plank moving through space. It was hard and humbling. At one point I couldn't get my body down to the floor without falling on my face. It took me the good part of one minuet to get one push up at the end. Wheeew! I feel it today!

OK, enough about me let check out what my clients are ups too.
I'm back training two women from Di's office that I worked with last year. They have a biggest loser club going on and had me in to speak last week. I spoke about fitness and life style changes. Two women are very honest about just hating exercises. Out of 8 women who came to hear me talk about fitness and what it really is only two want to workout with me. Which is great, its better then nothing! The lies these women believe about fitness blew my mind.
"If I wrap my arms in this plastic fitness bands from sports authority will my arms get smaller?"
"I have big muscles in my thighs, so I need to lose weight in my tummy area. What can I do to get a smaller tummy and not make my thighs bigger?"

Better yet..this one. "If I workout for and hour one day can I eat more that day?"

We all kinda think that way don't we?

I was honest with them and told them that weight lose and fitness are gained by hard work. I encouraged them to find out what activities they enjoy that are active. Most of them said they like to walk. I also asked them to pick something in there daily routine that they could cut down on to make more time for being active. They had a hard time with that one.
We really are a lazy people. Once they get moving I'm sure they will find that it's more enjoyable then they frist thought.
I hope to win a few of them over to the active side. I'm not expecting that they'll become Crossfiting maniacs or Olympic lifters, just active.

Now for a Ewunike's workout this past week.

She had an introduction to the sledgehammer and tire! I think she liked it!

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