Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Updates on my workouts. I've been having a hard time with allergies which cause me to get migraines. So it's been a little hit or miss.
I've been doing multiple short workouts each day.
On my way to work I've been stopping at the Lincoln memorial and running the stairs. It's 40 up and forty down.
On Monday I did the 6 sets of stairs on my way into the hospital. Once I got to work I worked some skills
Wall squats
OHS with Pipe
Then did four sets of 15 OHS's
Fours sets of One handed OHS with 10# DB
Two sets of Sotts press's with 10#
Came home early due to headache.
Later that evening
Tabata swings
Ran 10 rounds at Memorial stairs with 15# weight vest.
Once at work
Mobility work
Spider lunges
Wall squats
Left work early again due to Headache
While cooking dinner
Tabata KB cleans
Then half Tabata of KB Clean and press with 12k KB
On and off during the day I've been doing GTG pushups.

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