Monday, March 31, 2008

Warm up: 50 Weighted rope jump rope turns
10 honest push-ups.
I can only do 10 honest push-ups since surgery.So depending on the pain each day I try to do GTG push-ups.

5 Back Squats
5 Med-ball cleans 20#- this is for form and to keep my moving and flexible.
10 GHD situps- these help that core to get stronger for the back squat and push press.
Round one
BS- the barx5
Round two
Round 3
BS-135x3 which is a pound shy of Body weight.
Stopped so I don't spend 3 days recovering.

Cool down:
16k KB one arm High pulls 10 left 10 Right. Non stop 4 rounds.
Skill work- double KB swings 12k left 16k right.

The Potomac Crossfit Crew:



exqweezme said... picked that picture. I look ridiculous.


Jen said...

At lest your not naked!

exqweezme said...

That may have been an improvement if I didn't have that porn-stache.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

I knew I recognized that stache!