Monday, April 07, 2008

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Some of you might be wondering why I'm affiliated with at com-bat sports site? Well first off it's Jason C Browns and if you've seen anything that he and Pamela are doing with Crossfit Philly you'll understand why I would want to be affiliated with them.
Second, this site is loaded....freaking loaded with Videos of Kettlebell skills, Bodyweight Training, Dumbbell Training, Injury Prevention and Mixed Martial Arts. If you can't see the cross over between com-bat training and Crossfit then your nuts! I've been looking for some fresh material and a good form that's a little different from the CF form. Since I think it's important to not get boxed up. This site is a hit IMO! Yes you have to pay to be a member, It's $15.00 a month. But well worth every penny and you can cancel at anytime.
We get a little spoiled with Crossfit being free but if people who teach us Crossfit can't make money then they can't keep bring us awesome information.
I had the privliage to hang out with Jason and Pamela this passed weekend and we had a blast.

click me
Go check out the site and let me know what you think. Also, Jason and Pamela always tell me that if there's a skill that you need help with or want to see demonstrated just ask them and they will put together a video to help you out.

My WOD for the day:
Be as lazy as possible! Sloth, I rocked it!


F2 said...

Jen, being indolent is nothing to be proud of!

Gregory K said...

Yesterday I left a sweat angel on the floor.

Today, slothed it and it was pretty awesome.

Tomorrow, back to work.