Sunday, April 27, 2008

Got the skates out and it felt really good to be on them. The only issue I had was that it made me want to play hockey and or start Jumping, which is not a good plan. The whole reason I had to got out of hockey was because I've hit my head so many times. Which as you can imagine has causes me some issues! LOL!

I just had to push the limits and see if I could skate around with two 25# DB's!

After my little skate demo that I did for Ewunike she did "Fran" a scaled version.
Two 25# DB's
And she used a Band for her pullups.
21-15-9 of Pull-ups and thrusters for time.
Ewunike had great form on her thrusters and pull-ups I can see her flexibility and strength changing each session.
Her time was 5:30! Nice work my friend!
After Fran we work new skills and old skills in couplets. We still go for time but it's in more of a controlled fashion. If she needs to stop and get some cues we do that and work through the issue.

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