Friday, March 28, 2008

Ever have one of those workouts where you feel like shit? I did! Today at Crossfit Challenge.
Around 1am last night I woke up and thought "I'm not going". Maybe it's my allergies or the medicine I took for them. My legs ached and my shoulder felt like shit.
As I stepped out of bed, I said screw it just go and do what you can.
I sucked at, Squats, box jumps, wall ball sit ups and everything else I did. I just sucked! I felt like I had a bag of sand on my back, my head was cloudy with no chance of sun!
Ya gotta push through on days like today. Maybe I felt like shit but I gave what I had and walked away feeling like I was beating the forces that were driving me down.


Nisse said...

Do you really have to push yourself when you feel miserable?
Training should be fun, sometimes the bed is the only solution. Perhaps a latte with some good (or new) friend at a cafe.
/nisse (new reader of your blog)

Jen said...

There are days to give in and days to push down the wall. Yes, training should be fun for the most part but it's not always fun and we can't always expect them to be fun everyday. Looking back after a long day at work in the ER to my AM workout it was fun!! Compared to work! Now had I not pushed myself to move my ass I would not have that perspective.

John Frazer said...


You wrote: "I felt like I had a bag of sand on my back..."

Are you sure you didn't? This is a CF gym, after all.


Jerry Hill said...


It doesnt have to be fun to be fun!