Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catalyst Athletics is a very good resource for Olympic lifting information. Not only that... But right now they have a kick ass deal on Olympic lifting shoes. I just got myself a pair! Woot! I don't do a lot of Oly lifting but they're also really useful for Kettlebell swinging and powerlifting. Right now I'm getting ready for a Crossfit Total competition in Albany, NY. Crossfit Total is three lifts, the deadlift, shoulder press and backsquat. My shoulder press is very week, the weakest of all three. The last time I did a CF Total I hit 500#. Most of those pounds came from the DL and Backsquat.
One new skill I'm working on since having my shoulder done is the sotts press. For some reason I really like this movement. I can't always do it with my left shoulder, but sometimes I can. Kettlebells seem to load the weight differently and make this movement smother for me.
One more thing about Catalyst Athletics, they have a few free articles that I highly recommend. Once you get into them you'll want to get the monthly journal!

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Niki said...

Thanks for the pics a few weeks back from when you were in Albany. They were great. Looking forward to seeing you at the ACF games in May. I think I will be doing the CFT as well. See ya!