Friday, March 21, 2008

New to the DC area is Crossfit Potomac! Owners Brian Wilson, Dan Hoffman and Head coach Jen Conlin(that's me!)
Talk about exciting and scary...Whew!
As it looks right now we may have a space in the Blagden Alley of DC. If any of my readers have ideas of how to get word out in the DC area I would love to hear your ideas.

As the head coach I promise I will coach with passion and commitment to reach your goals. You'll have fun and be pushing your limits in a safe and form based environment. From my perspective Crossfit is for all types of people, athlete's, weekend warriors, folks trying to lose weight, kids and seniors. We will find a way to improve your functional fitness.

I will still be coaching for Tom Brose Owner of Crossfit DC. I've been apprenticing under him for about two years and will continue to learn from him.

Right now we don't have our space open but we are doing park workouts in DC,VA and MD. Military and EMS discounts are available.

Ewunike has been training with me for a few weeks. She's preparing for a 1/2 marathon and a fitness competition. Every time we train she gives 110%. This lady is no joke!

Ewunike is a trainer herself and works in the DC area. You can find her link on the right of this page.

One of the things I really dig about Ewunike is that she rides her bike all day long to everything she does, and let me tell you she covers the City of DC daily! Whoot to you Ewunike!

"I never met a truly strong person who didn't have self respect...Strength reveals itself through character"
-Henry Rollins-


Chev said...

Congrats Jen!! That's big news!! Where in Potomac are you having classes? I enjoyed the one time that I worked out with you in DC, but unfortunately, DC is yonder compared to where I live (Severn, MD). But I work in Rockville, so hopefully I could venture by you one evening. This is exciting news and from the one time that I met you, you were on point and motivational. Have a good one.

Shawn (Chev)

Catherine Imes said...

Wow..Congrats Jen. Good luck to you!


sarena said...

Nice, nice!! I have just been crazy busy the last few weeks, but will get the material to ya soon! Promise!