Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's WOD:
5 front squats @ 65#
5 back squats @ 65#
5 16k Oly lift style KB snatches standing on bummper plates(Right)
5 16k High pulls Left(standing on Bummper Plates). Each rep from a Dead stop off the floor to high pull.
5 GHD situps with 8K KB on chest.
Rest for 1 min
Repeat with increases on Front and Back squats to 75#s
Rest one Min
I used 35# bummper plates to increase the height for my snatches and high pulls.
Also, I increased the weighted GHD situps to 12K.
Repeated the above for 4 more sets making the total 8 sets with resting 1 min in between.
I have to work on this style snatch. I realized after that i was not reciving this in a soft knee position. Which is what I mean when I say Oly style. If you want to see the kind of snatch watch the vid of Jason of Crossfit Philly.

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Adrienne said...

Jen, thanks for this video. I wish there's was more explanation on proper technique. It's incredible that he just gets the KB up there. I'd like to hear how your progress with this snatch is going.
Another question, what kind of exercising were you doing when you weren't using your arms. I've stopped doing any sort of lifting and started PT. My legs are killing me from over use. Any suggestions??