Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jerry Hill's Crossfit Challenge is built on Commitment, Passion, Goals, Records, Positive reinforcement, Creative ideas and Constancy. These are the words that come to mind when I think of Jerry Hill's Crossfit Challenge. I've felt the pain and rewards of the blue room. I've seen the efforts pay off. I've seen Jerry's commitment to keeping people and his program moving forward. He keeps statistics for his crew, gives them goals and helps them to achieve them. His blog and web site are constantly changing and evolving as do the people he coaches.

Whatever the goal might be, not only does he coach/train people to reach them he is already planning what your next goal should/could be. This format is the key to people and programming being successful. His blog and web site are in a constant state of motion. Showing his crew's achievements daily. It's incredible! In this day and age if you slack off for one day your behind by four. This applies not only to training but in running a business. It's a on going everyday commitment that you make to yourself and your program. To keep things flowing and growing.

Talking and hanging out with Jerry for me is like going to a class in business and personal achievement. He's not shy about what needs to happen in order to make his fitness program work. It has to succeed on a few different levels in order to succeed overall. It's not cheap to be a member of Crossfit Challenge, no matter what way you look at it. You pay both monatarily and in Sweat equity! It's all worth it. The time and attention that Jerry will put into your training more that pays it's self back.

Don't get me wrong there is no hand holding! When you leave CFC you'll know where you've been. Your pushups are going to be chest to the floor and if you do pullups your chin is gonna to be over that bar to get the numbers. If your injured he will find way around it. If your weak you'll be doing a modified version....but your going to work. If your form sucks it's going to improve. Don't try to avoid certain workouts....or it will bite you in the ass. Since he keeps statistics on you and you also do some of the input on that Jerry knows where your strong and what needs work.
His classes have athletes in them and his classes have athletes in the making. I'm telling you its addictive! You see your numbers, you watch the others around come back for more. The goals are in plain sight just out of reach for today but maybe tomorrow will be the day for the 20th pullup or that first pull up. It's happening for others and you feel it can happen for you.....Take the Challenge...Crossfit Challenge!


Jerry Hill said...

Hey Jen, that was Awesome!

Thanks so much for being a huge part of my initial experience here in Alexandria...can you believe its only been a year?

My aim is to put people in the best environment to succeed...a lot of factors go into that, and those factors continue to's going to be one heck of a year here in Old Town, Ive got a few plans in the works!

Thanks for the continued inspiration via our conversations and through the amazing content you put on your blog!

Talk soon...

In Strength,

sarena said...

Jerry you are kickass bad!! Cant wait to see you again and come play!

Jen same with you. Glad you are recovering and finding the wisest way to continue training! Hope to see you soon!! Gotta plan a trip to DC area real soon!

I have been busy too with my Olifting. First meet was last Sunday and I totaled too!!

Ray said...


The environment you fostered directly impacted the man I am today, and the type of leader I want to be tomorrow. You're not only a fitness coach, you're a builder of character and a shaper of winning personalities.

Jen, you're right up there too. A little overly cutesy, PC, and soft on your kids for my taste, but you'll get there. I miss laughing my ass off in my workouts. Sigh...

keturah said...

I don't think anyone could have described Jerry any better. You got him down to the tee. Since I started CFOT I have become a better and stronger person both physically and emotionally, thanks to Jerry. I could remember Jerry teaching me how to jump in my earlier days at CFOT (today I still laugh about it, because I think to myself, who the hell can't jump). Now, I'm proud to say that I've graduated with honors from jumping to flying (off the chin up bar.) :) You just gotta love CFOT.

sarena said...

Those bull whips are great looking.