Friday, February 15, 2008

Last week I went to Albany, NY because a friend of mine lost her husband to cancer. It was a strange visit but after all is said and done It was nice to get home and see my brother and sister-in law.

While I was home I made my way over to Crossfit Albany, NY. What a cool bunch of people. Alot of people there are new to Crossfit and hungry to learn. Jay the owner is really on fire and making it happen. He hit the ground running! He's committed to making a strong core group. The people who train there are keeping track of where they started and where they want to go. If you go over to the CF form Crossfit Albany keeps there daily workout log on the form. Everyday they are putting the numbers down and Jay is speaking words of encouragement and coaching like crazy. He and Niki just took a trip out to CF Santa Cruz to work on there skills. I'm sure they will come home sore but ready to share everything they learned while they were out there. I'm hoping to see Video of Niki kipping away like a wild women!
Thanks Jay and Niki for being so welcoming and fun to train with. I look forward to my next trip to Albany!

May 30th through Sunday, June 1st Crossfit Albany will host the East coast Crossfit Challenge.
The festivities begin Friday evening with chance to meet fellow Crossfitters during a non-alcoholic cocktail hour, a tour of the facility, and a pre-games briefing.

Saturday, May 31st morning will see participants doing their best in the CrossFit competition. A 5 kilometer run is scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning Crossfitters will wait breathlessly for the Hopper event, a random drawing that will set competitors to doing a Crossfit WOD. Will it be Fran? Or Murph? Or something we haven’t seen before?

What you get for your entry fee:
-T-shirt for all competitors
-Prize money for top overall male and top overall female finisher
-Medals and Free participation in next year's ECCFG for top male and top female in the hopper event
-Medals for top 2 finishers in each weight class for the heavy lifting
-Food during Friday's social hour
-Food all day from the kitchen Saturday
-Dinner Saturday night (tentatively scheduled to be a full pig roast on premises with plenty of sides for the non-meat eaters)
-Awards ceremony Sunday late afternoon following the hopper event.

Ten years from now, when Albany's hotels fill up months in advance for the East Coast Crossfit Challenge, you will want to say you attended the FIRST ANNUAL event!

Albany Crossfit is located within the Court Club, a gym that includes racquetball courts, a climbing wall, spin bikes, and full service locker rooms with showers. Family members will be welcome to use the Court Club facilities, including the climbing wall, for a small fee.

Albany Crossfit is located a short ride from Albany International Airport. Blocks of rooms at discount rates will be available at hotels located within walking distance of Albany Crossfit. Also within walking distance: an upscale shopping mall with movie theaters, restaurants, and bookstores, to keep the family happy if they accompany you!

I would put money on the the fact that Jay and Crossfit Albany will double in size over the next year. Better than that I think that all the people who are already there will be a hell of a lot stronger, faster and more fit the next time I see them! If your in the area you should check it out!

Below is a little slide show that I put together.


Pamela MacElree said...

I'll have to remember this, much easier to get to than Cali.

webclicmtl said...

Yeah I'll try to do it on my new Gym mats