Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Importance of Progressions
It's become clear to me that using progressions in order to achieve a functional movement is of the utmost importance.
How does this apply to my training.
Let me list the ways.
1.Getting My Kipping Pullup back. Or coaching someone in getting there first pullup.
I'll be using Ring Rows. A Lot of them to get that pulling strength back before I hang my full body-weight onto my shoulders.
From ring rows I'll use bands. The period of time until I get to the bands is unknown at this point. I've been using ring rows for a few weeks now and have felt that they have started my return to the pull-up. For coaching this is an important one to remember. It builds a great foundation for the pull-up. Getting that strong foundation is key to achieving the pull-up and being safe on the shoulders.

2. Building Overhead strength in preparation for snatches, OHS's and heavy thrusters.
TGU's, Overhead walking Lunges, Wall-ball, Push press, strict press.
It seems really important to build some core overhead pushing strength in order to safe and effectively do high rep snatches or heavy OHS's.
My personal game plan has been to work the TGU's to build total body strength which includes OH strength. I'm not embarrassed to say that at this point with my shoulder I've been using 15# DB for OH walking lunges.
Whatever your doing rebuilding strength or building it for the frist time it's better to BUILD before you toss your body into the big movements.

3.Getting back or getting more pushups. Right now I have about 10 good Strong pushups in my arms. I started back with doing them on a wall, good god that was humbling! Then I moved to my knees, then to elevated on a bench or on the Parallets. At the point I'm at right now it depends on how many I plan on doing or what kind of circuit it is. Today in PT I was doing broken sets of 5 full out pushups. This kept them crisp and strict. If I'm dong a load of them I'll still use an elevated surface or the parallets.. I hope to start working in a few ring push-ups over the next few months in order to advance the strength in my shoulders.


The Iron Maven said...

Somebody is using her thinking cap! Woot! Woot!

Adrienne said...

Jen, these are some really great progressions. It is very humbling to slow down and go back to the very beginning of learning a movement, but it's the way to go for long term, healthy strength. I'll keep these in mind!

theresa said...

Thanks, Jen. What did you have done on your shoulder? I had a suprapinatus tendon repair done arthroscopically on 19 Feb. I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.

Tracy said...

Jen, Progressions have been how I base my KB combination training...and many other parts of my life. Believe it or not, even to dieting. Starting out with what you CAN do and working your way upward on forward.

Jen said...

Inferior capsular shift for multidirectional instability. My Doctor tightened my labrum. I also had a bone removed.
My advice, take as much time as you can off from everything and get and ART therapist!