Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday's WOD
Warm up with four weighted jump ropes at 50 turns each. The ropes get bigger from yellow to blue. I don't know what increments they go up in but the last one is a beast!
15 GHD sit-ups
5 Front squats @ 65#
I got 6 rounds in 9mins. I was keeping a good pace but the overall goal was to keep good form on the front squats.
Part two: 3X3
1/2 keg unknown weight Clean and front squat
80# sandbag Bear-hug squat
50# sandbag Shouldering
16k Kettlebell Snatch right High pull left

Form work: Rack form with KBs. It's an awkward position for me. It seems like it should be a simple thing but it's not so I have to work on it.
Balance on the Vew-do board. I don't write about it much but I try weekly to put in time on Nero skills to keep my brain working.

Just for fun I did some side presses and was able for the first time to press the 24k KB on my right side. I was alone so I have no prof but no reason to lie!
Side press 12k KB on the left side..that's a step up!

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